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About Essential Oils

Essential oils are the life force of plants.  Almost identical in function and purpose to
blood, they both feed and nurture cells, provide nutrients and oxygen, and can
destroy harmful organisms.

Essential oils are beneficial both through inhalation of the scent and through
absorption of the oil through the skin.  They are made up of small molecules that can
pass through body tissues within twenty minutes and are absorbed and metabolized
like nutrients.  Being lipid soluble, they are capable of penetrating cell walls.
Containing oxygen, essential oils work to transport nutrients to starving cells.  This
strengthens the immune system to reverse diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies
in cells.  Certain oils, high in sesquiterpenes, can pass the blood brain barrier to treat
multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease.

Essential oils have been used since ancient times to promote emotional, physical and
spiritual healing.  Clinical research has shown that essential oils can quickly raise the
frequency of the human body, restoring it to its normal healthy level.  Many oils have
a much higher bio-electrical frequency that is several times greater than the
frequency of herbs, food, and even the human body.

Essential oils have many beneficial effects for the body. They can dissolve dead
surface cells of the skin, increase cell turnover and stimulate metabolism.  They also
improve the skin's texture by adding softness, giving radiance, stimulating and
toning. They can benefit the nervous system by calming and soothing nerve endings.
This causes a sense of euphoria and promotes relaxation.  They have a soothing and
sedative effect on the glands, or a toning and stimulating effect, depending on the
oil(s) used. They can also relieve muscle fatigue, reduce soreness and stiffness, and
improve the resilience and elasticity of muscle tissue.  They may help detoxify the
cells and blood in the body.  They can be anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous, anti-fungal,
anti-infectious, anti-microbial, anti-tumoral, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and antiseptic.

The use of essential oils may be incorporated into your massage. Please inform your
therapist if you have any allergies to certain substances. A hypo-allergenic massage
oil formula will be substituted upon request or in the case of allergies.
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Essential Oils

Essential Oils