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What To Expect
What To Expect In Your Massage Session


You will be promptly greeted at your doorstep by your Licensed Massage Therapist
with all necessary equipment and supplies in hand. Please be sure adequate space is
made available (e.g. coffee table or chair moved) for the massage table set-up -
approximately 5' x 9'. For your listening pleasure, the Therapist will have a variety of
relaxing music styles for you to choose from. However, if you have a personal CD
you would like to hear during your session, please have it ready upon arrival.

Quick Form (1st time clients only)

If this is your first massage session with us, we request that you complete our Client
History and Information/Liability Release Form
.  The History and Information
portion include questions regarding current health, recent injuries or surgeries, etc.
Such information may be vital to our success in achieving the desired results from the
massage session and preventing any possible injuries. All information is kept strictly
confidential. All new clients, or their guardians, must read and sign the Liability
Release form.  Please keep us updated of any relevant changes so that we may
continue providing you high quality service.


Your personal modesty is important to us. We want you be able to relax during a
massage, so you remove only the clothing you feel comfortable removing. The
Therapist will leave the room as you undress and position yourself face-up on the
massage table, under the sheets/coverings. Your body will be covered throughout the
entire session, and uncovered only in the immediate areas being worked on. This
enables you to be less self-conscious and you can become more relaxed during the
therapy. Your body temperature may drop so this covering also helps keep you warm
as the heart rate slows.

Full-Body Massage/Spot-work

Each massage given is tailored to your body's current physical needs and stress
points. Duration of the massage is typically prearranged during scheduling. All
massages given are recommended to be full-body massage treatments. It is important
to understand that our body systems are all connected in one way or another, and
therefore it is our belief to treat the WHOLE body, while still focusing more time on
areas of greater necessity. However, if it is necessary to limit the session to only
specific areas, specialized spot-work can be done alternatively.  

Techniques are taken from
Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi,
Reflexology, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular
Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy and
Pregnancy Massage. If you have a preference of style, please don't hesitate to inform
your Therapist. You will also be asked preference of pressure and depth.

The Treatment (full-body)

Your full-body massage session will begin supine, or"face-up".  The first area treated
will be your feet, using Reflexology techniques, where a "map" of problem areas or
imbalances may be detected by your Therapist.  From here, the Therapist will
continue to work on the upper limbs, pectorals (upper chest), neck, face, scalp, and
the front of the legs. Abdominal massage completes the frontal portion of the
massage (careful to work only from the lower sternum to 1-2 inches below the navel).
This is to provide balance and centering of the body at its "hara" before turning
over, as well as aiding in the function of some of the body systems.

Once positioned prone, or "face-down", your Therapist will continue to work the
back-side of the legs and gluteal muscles (when applicable). The scapula region and
back are final areas to be worked. Unless specific conditions are present, your
massage treatment will conclude with "The Breath of Life", a technique using heated
energy from your Therapist's hands. Very nice!!!

Ending the Session

It is suggested that you remain lying on the table at the conclusion of your treatment
and rest for a minute or two. Allow your mind and soul to re-enter your body fully
and completely. When you are ready to get up from the table and dress, inform the
Therapist so that you may be left in privacy.

Once ready, please inform the Therapist. Breakdown will take approximately 5
minutes. During that time please have your
amount due prepared. Gratuities are
optional and greatly appreciated by our Therapists.


We hope your experience with us was a positive one. Your business is much
appreciated your and we look forward to our next appointment. Don't forget to
plenty of water!